“When you actually own and care for one or more cherished cars, you become hypersensitive about them. They almost become like one of your own children – you then begin to feel the same way about other people’s ‘children’ and a stone chip is just like a permanent scar. Poor workmanship is simply unacceptable.”

We take the care and protection of your car to heart, because we love your car as if it were our own – that’s the secret to our success

It’s a little bit mad when you think about it. You’ve probably just spent a king’s ransom on ordering your dream motorcar, it’s taken months to get to you from the factory and now, finally, it’s arrived. But you need to protect it from the inevitable stone chips and damage of normal road use – so, you’re going to hand it to a complete stranger before you’ve even driven it… are you nuts?! 

Well, no, not really. That is, of course, if you’re letting SecondSkin PPF do the work. There are a few very good reasons why you really won’t need to worry.

It Took A Few Real-Life Horror Stories To Get Here

Simon Stevens, the petrol-head behind SecondSkin PPF, became very conscious of the harsh effects a vehicle faces on and off the road, when he first used paint protection film (PPF) on his Honda SP1 motorcycle in 2000, age 29.

Back then, PPF was nowhere near as advanced and, over time, it started to turn a hazy shade of yellow. These days, with the high level film technology SecondSkin PPF use, that just doesn’t happen anymore.

With an extensive background in magazine printing, graphic design, reprographics and marketing, Simon has always been known for having an obsessive eye for fine detail, a pre-requisite for installing paint protection film. 

More than this, as a lifelong car fanatic with a number of business successes behind him, he has also been the fortunate owner of several lavish supercars. It hasn’t all been plain sailing though. READ MORE

From a number of horrific experiences with PPF offered from prestigious companies such as main dealers of both Aston Martin and Porsche (costing thousands in money and no end of stress) resulting in destroyed cars, Simon realised that this service should be offered with confidence and faith and there can be no mistakes.

That is when Simon decided that he would hold the torch for car lovers everywhere, who wanted their beloved vehicles to be protected, treated with the care and love it deserves and a job done to a spectacular fashion.

You can trust Simon and his team wholeheartedly, because they have seen first-hand what lack lustre workmanship can do, what it can cause and this is a service that protects your car, not one that destroys it. It is their mission to ensure this happens.
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